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Rehydrate with a 1 Liter bag
 of Normal Saline fluid. 
Fight dehydration and fatigue by restoring fluid balance in the body.

$125              With B12 $175
Hangover Cure
This combination of normal Saline and a boost of vitamins wil rehydrate, and have you ready to face the world again!
*Can be administered pre or post party.
 Starting at $100
Add Zofran for anti-nausea
Weight Loss+
Normal Saline with a boost of 
B12 and a Lipo C intramuscular injection have been proven to boost metabolism and encourage weight loss. $250

*Enrollment in the monthly diet program is encouraged.

Immune Boost
Worried about the flu or COVID-19? Give your body the power to fight off any pesky infection with this power-packed infusion. $180

*Custom infusions available upon request.            $180                             
Focus Support
Promotes energy and focus during work hours at home and at play. Feel better, have more stamina for work , home and play